Joint Program Students Invited to Attend the Princeton Initiative

Three rising 3rd year students from the Joint Program in Financial Economics--Greg Buchak, Johnanthan Loudis, and Yiyao Wang--were selected by a faculty committee to attend the 2015 Princeton Initiative. Following the Princeton tradition of incorporating financial frictions in macroeconomic models, this camp brings together top 2nd year PhD students who wish to write a PhD thesis at the intersections between Macroeconomics and Finance. 

The conference provided students with the opportunity to make important and lasting connections with students and faculty, including Princeton faculty member and Joint Program alumna Maryam Farboodi, PhD '14.

"It was great to get an in-depth and more informal view of what other people are working on. The format let us dive into the latest models but covered enough breadth that there was something for everybody. It helped me with research ideas, both in motivating high-level questions and also helping with concrete modeling ideas and approaches. Since the conference I've been in communication with two professors who inspired a new project I'm interested in working on."

Greg Buchak

"The Princeton Initiative gave me an opportunity to interact with professors who do research related to macroeconomics and finance as well as students interested in these areas. Particularly, these interactions help generate new research ideas and refine past ideas."

Johnathan Loudis