Editing and Refining Your CV

CONTENT: Categories to include

You will see a variety different categories on CV’s. Choose/Create what fits your field and your own profile the best.

The Basic Categories:

  • Education
    • List degrees in reverse chronological order
    • Include the date the degree was conferred (month & year or just year, but be consistent)
    • Do not include high school or diplomas that predate your undergraduate degree
  • Professional Appointments/Employment
    • List in reverse chronological order
    • Some fields separate academic appointments from professional experience (generally listed at the end of your CV), others don't
  • Grants and Fellowships/Awards and Honors
    • No information from high school
    • Do not list dollar amounts for small grants
  • Publications
    • Be sure to format as you would in a citation/bibliography, use the norm in your field

Use the following categories to tailor your CV to the application:

Research Interests

  • This category helps to define your profile as an academic
  • Consider tailoring this category to the institution/department at which you are applying

Teaching Interests

  • Include if applicable and/or if meaningfully different from research interests

Work in Progress

  • Another opportunity to tailor, but never pad this section with work you are not prepared to discuss

Teaching Experience

  • Use formatting to emphasize either where you have taught, a range of teaching roles, or what courses you have taught

Talks, Conference Presentations/Participation

  • Subdivide the category, if possible
  • Format presentation titles consistently
  • Avoid large blocks of text

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